Living on Avenue F

My new favorite things to photograph are my closest friends’ new environments and learning more about their corners of the world.

Kaushik lives in a beautiful Brooklyn apartment with Patrick and Russell, two ambitious young men who made me laugh endlessly. I grew fond of their fire escape and rooftop view of Coney Island on the right and Manhattan on the left. Tarik is excellent at connecting to people in a genuine way and I strive to make others feel important like he does. I tried a chicken biscuit, danced with toddlers on the sidewalk, got yelled at in Russian to put my camera away, became fascinated with the old Schoolhouse, exchanged secrets while waiting for a taxi, pretended to be an acrobat on the empty G train with Kaushik, and did cartwheels in the water walkway on the High Line.

Here are some images of moments that made me smile. Photos of me taken by Kaushik.